Housefull Furniture Review

Purchased A Functional Bedroom Set At A Convenient Price

I recently moved to a new apartment and the place is yet to be furnished. Adding to my woes was the selection of an ideal bedroom set that would complement my room. A close friend recommended me to check out the Housefull website, And I was pleasantly surprised to see the extensive list of bedroom sets and accessories that would suit my requirements. What is even better is that these products are available at discounted rates that totally suit my budget.

Ensuring proper installation

However, the selection process became a tad bit of a challenge for me as options are aplenty. Finally, I settled on the Rubco Bedroom Set With 2 Door Wardrobe in wenge colored and textured finish after reading the housefull furniture review. It is utilitarian, and presented no installation hassles.

I feared whether I would be able to install it or not but the authorized personnel performed the dismantling process with utmost care. These experts also made sure not to push the furniture and ruin my room’s flooring for which I am thankful.

Some viable features

This bedside is perfect for indoor usage and is exactly what I needed. It’s a good thing that I read the housefull products review and made an informed purchase. It basically comprises of a queen sized bed along with a wardrobe consisting of two doors. Also provided with this set is a convenient side table where I can easily place my coffee mug and books. The warm, muted shade of this furniture won my heart, and it offers immense comfort, as well.

Spacious storage units

After checking the housefull furniture online review, I decided on the bed and adjoining, wardrobe, side table set because of its feasibility. What surprised me was that the wardrobe is indeed spacious, and I can easily store all my belongings here with ease. Also present here are hanging rods, shelves and drawers that really helps my storage requirements.



  1. Nice post. I have also purchased a TV unit from Housefull. However I received the product late. After several followups with their customer care team they have delivered after 3 days of committed date. But the product was good.

  2. I Purchased A Perfectly Finished Sheesham Wood Sideboard from Housefull Furniture. One glimpse of the latest sideboard cabinet collection from Housefull and me and my roommate fell in love with their products. We both have been searching for that perfect item for completing our living room’s furniture set. Our search came to a final stop once we decided to buy the Mist 3 Door Sideboard in a rich, warm honey shade. This portable and optimally furnished product complements the room’s decoration perfectly and was indeed a wise buy. When we received the product we have observed that it is made from pure, sturdy Sheesham wood. This product serves our house’s decorative and functional purposes. It comprises of three doors that open to individually spaced cabinets. It is exquisitely crafted from the finest wooden materials.

    We are extremely satisfied with the Housefull Furniture store and would like to refer it to all our friends.

  3. Its fantastic to read something on Housefull reviews. I live in a single room apartment where space is at a premium. I had been thinking of buying a sofa-cum-bed but was never up to it. I decided to give the online stores a try. I had heard people buying things from online stores but had doubts whether anyone would sell me a sofa–cum-bed. While going through a site named, I found the Muller Sofa Cum Bed, which I liked very much.

    Though I liked the vibrant color of the furniture item, I had a few doubts whether the one they send me would be the same. To know more about the online store, I read as many housefull furniture reviews as I could find. Most customers said the quality of the furniture sold by the store was good, but you never know what might happen.

    I also went through the reviews to see the happy customer’s comments. Finally I decided to go ahead and placed the order.

    The piece of furniture arrived after four days. I got a call from the store that they would be sending someone over to unpack and install it. Two persons arrived about an hour after the sofa-cum-bed. It took them about half an hour to unpack it, carry it to my apartment and install it the way I wanted. I found it to be just as the housefull furniture online review had said it would be. I had never imagined that the stores could put to rest all my doubts and uncertainties with their product and their services.

  4. Nice blog. I have purchased a wardrobe from Housefull furniture. I was searching for the one since long time and one of my friends have suggested me to purchase it from I have visited their website and found that they have huge collection of wardrobes in 2 door, 3 door, 4 door and 5 door. I liked the website and find the 3 door wardrobe which I was looking for. I thought of reading some housefull furniture reviews before placing order. Through the online reviews I was satisfied and placed order. I received the wardrobe on time. I was amazed with its looks and quality. Housefull have done a great job. Thanks.

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